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Dr. Seth’s Mustache Wax was founded on September 1, 2012 when I realized that armed with a doctorate in chemistry, a good sense of smell and a deep love for our planet and its inhabitants, I could make a mustache wax with a good hold, a light refreshing scent and use all natural and sustainable ingredients. So I did! The response from everyone has been super encouraging and provided me with enough capital to also develop a beard oil which debuted in 2013.

Currently I’m working on a few new products to complement my mustache wax and beard oil. Soap for All by Dr. Seth is now available on the Products page, at the very bottom, which is my first product that can be used by those without facial hair! I’m also working on a Beard and Body Wash, bath bombs and a shave soap. I’ll keep you posted!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Dr. Seth! I have just opened my little barber shop in Laporte and would love to try out your mustache and beard products and consider retailing them.
    Please let me know if I could get a couple samples.
    Also wholesale/retail prices.

    Thank you so much
    J’s barber Shop

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