No Farms No Food

Happy 2021! We made it and things have been improving! We must continue to move forward as a society and I’ll do my best to make sure that happens. Supporting and advocating for local farms is one way I’ll continue to do that.

From The American Farmland Trust

Supporting local farms and farmers DRASTICALLY reduces the amount of energy that goes into your food. Eating spinach grown 15-30 minutes from your house and delivered locally greatly cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions from trucking that same spinach long distances in refrigerated trucks. Also, it helps YOUR community! You can talk to the farmer! You can go visit the farm (if they say that is okay)! You can drive by the farm and see the crops grow!

This is a very short list of my local farms. I have missed many! I will update this list as I learn about more area farms. Here in Fort Collins we still have some wide open spaces in the surrounding areas that subdivisions haven’t swallowed up (yet!). The Front Range is rapidly changing and expanding and we need to preserve and help the farms!

Laughing Buck Farm – small teaching farm and horse stable and boarding in Fort Collins

Native Hill Farm – farm growing produce for consumers, restaurants, and area grocery stores, visit their farm produce stand Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm during the winter, 2100 CR 54G Ft. Collins, CO 80524 (NW corner of North Taft Hill Rd and CR 54G)

The Shire CSA – this is the one of several local farms I’m looking to directly support, it’s located right off a local bike trail and is 1-2 miles from my house! CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and will be a small farm who supports itself by selling shares of the produce it grows. Upsides – super fresh produce, super local, your neighbors! Downsides – you don’t get to pick your produce but that just means you get a cooking challenge that week!

Whoa! There are way more than I even knew about around here! has kindly gathered all the area farms and grocery stores and farms highlighting local produce!

Check out Fort Collins farms and then check out your own area!